UK Temperature Measurement Smart Helmet Wearable Alarm

Thermal Camera to Measure Body Temperature contactless, DUUHNN design to monitor potential COVID-19 infected person and support to custom the helmet color, logo, appearance even features.

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UK Temperature Measurement Smart Helmet Wearable Alarm for Police

DUUHNN Smart Temperature Measurlng Helmet is designed to solve the problem that the people whose body temperature is above normal when people return to work. High accuracy and high definition sensor are used in this device. Sound and light alarms on the helmet will be triggered when anyone body temperature is above normal level. Recognizing and locating people who is running a fever quickly and accurately without close contact is possible when thousands of people are returning to work. DUUHNN Smart Temperature Measuring Helmet is one efficient wearable device to control the disease at low risk.

The record of personal information and body temperature will be matched and saved automatic. Optical waveguides will be used to detect people who is running a fever within the range and send alarm simultaneously.

Face recognition and plate number recognition functions are available. The camera is able fo capture clear picture when target is moving quickly which makes the management of vehicle and visitor easier and more efficient. Real time monitor and playback functions are available at backstage, which can help people at backstage to give instruction and guidance to the frontline.

Main Features:

  • Anti- shake, high-speed capture and Ergonomic Design

  • Accord with GB281 1-2019 standard

  • Four natural ventilation inlets and outlets

  • The lens angle is designed according to ergonomics

  • AR visible light, adjustable from all direction

  • Removable battery, large capacity and work longer

  • Auxiliary lighting, laser positioning

  • imported high-definition infrared thermal sensor

  • Built-in 4G module, real-time monitoring, post back

Network Construct Program

* Workers wear this helmet can send the data to backstage through 4G internet (all three main carriers are available).

* The backstage command center can view the frontine operation lively, conduct two-way intercom to the front operator, GPS positioning and track playback can help to view the position information of the operator in front line.

* The background control center commands and deploys in time, highly improve the work efficiency.

Comparing Format 

Compared Traditional infrared Thermometer and DUUHNN smart helmet


Traditional infrared Thermometer

DUUHNN Smart Helmet

Indoor and outdoor


Indoor and Outdoor

Environment Requirements

Complicated: need power

and network; installation of Black-Body reference. Set up workbench, front desk equipment and background computer


Works immediately after

booting, and can be

deployed after wearing,

extremely simple

User Requirements

Two person needed, one

record another conduct and


No Requirements of

Workbench, one person for

recording and detect


Support working mode

Bayonet screening

Bayonet screening, free inspection, high-speed anti-shake snapshot

Wearable Smart Alarm Body Temperature Patrol Mode: Quickly Check Fever Personnel in Crowded Area.

Real-time display of dynamic thermal imaging and automatic warning for fever personnel.AR display  tech and sound reminder. No contact during the inspection  process, fast measurement. Back-end platform are able to check front operations in time. AlI data are recorded locally and returned back to Command Center.

Thermal Body Temperature Measurement Helmet Details Show:

* Wearable Body Temperature Monitor is Anti- Shake, High-Speed Capture even drive within 80Km/h speed.

Integrated design, which is more comfortable to wear. The weight is only 520g. No discomfort even wear a whole day. lighter weight than similar wearable devices. The two-color mold design is adopted, the brim is transparent, make the user's vision wider.

The angle of lens designed downward 15degree accord with ergonomic. When people take pictures, they are used to raise their head slightly, so we make the camera downward, which is more convenient for shooting.

* AR Visible Light, Adjustable from All Directions, High comfort Level.

* Large viewing angle, Virtual screen 74 inch (3m)
* High Brightness, High Resolution and High Contrast ration
* No Dark corner, No Blind area, No Sense of pressure

* The angle of the optical display can be adjusted in all directions, suitable for all people

* Battery Details 

Battery Standby mode72 hours
Automatic recognition6 hours 
Live broadcast mode4 hours

External battery, fast switching battery Low power consumption and large capacity.

* Auxiliary lighting, Laser Positioning, not Affected by Day and Night, Accurate Positioning

Thermal Camera to Measure Body Temperature.jpg

Equipped with a bright LED light, human silhouette can be seen clearly within 15 meters at night, works well at night. 1 laser assisted in positioning photo Light. When the laser is positioned to a certain position, photo will be captured.

* Imported High-Definition Infrared Thermal Sensor, Ranging Farther and Clearer Adjustable Distance 

The distance of infrared temperature measurement module is adjustable, and the response is fast. The  unique optical structure design can make it suitable for long-distance  temperature measurement

* Built-in 4G Module, Real-Time Monitoring, Post Back, Intercom, Positioning

Typical Appliciation

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