Step6: Prototype via CNC or 3D Printing Mar 15, 2021
Prototype also called hand plate or handboard.

Usually new developed or designed products need to do hand plate (prototype) to verify the feasibility of the product.That is essential to find out the design problem, deficiencies, disadvantages. First design products generally can not be very perfect, or even can not be used, direct production once defective will be all scrapped, which will be a great waste of human and material resources and time. While the handboard is generally just need one or two samples, the production cycle is short,and human and material resources is small.This way will quickly find out the weekness of product design and improve at once.

Via production progress, it includes:
1) Handmade handboards: its main workload is done by hand.
2) CNC handboard: its main workload is done with CNC machine tools. According to the equipment used, there are laser rapid forming (RP, Rapid Prototyping) hand plate and processing center (CNC) hand plate.

Via material used, it includes:
1) Plastic hand plate
2) Silicone hand plate
3) Metal hand plate
4) Mud hand plate

Via the parts used, it includes:
1) Appearance handboard: mainly to test product design, which needs beautiful appearance, accurate color, correct size etc
2) Structural handboard: mainly to identify the structural rationality,and different parts size
3) Functional handboard: to achieve the same appearance, structure and functions as real products. It can be treated as unlisted finished products, which demand is high, and difficult.

The following photo is the 3D printing of air purifer appearance handboard/prototype.

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