Step5: Firmware and Software Design Mar 15, 2021

As technology continues to evolve, it has become an urgent requirement that modifying firmware to accommodate the ever-changing hardware environment. so programmable, repeatable writeable erasable read-only memory EPROM, EEPROM, and flash have emerged. These chips can be brushed repeatedly to allow firmware to be modified and upgraded.

Firmware is the nerve center, also known as COMBO operating system, which includes many modules: drive, control, decoding, transmission, detection etc. Only under its control COMBO can work properly. At the same time, the firmware also comes with many additional functions, such as error correction technology, security burning technology, playback control technology and so on.

Only a good firmware program can make the role of hardware more fully and ingeniously, and excellent firmware can also make up for some hardware defects.

Software is also so important. That is so complicated to run smoothly all the time. According customer demand we use different computer language to write program.

Usually most of our clients requirements are:

1) Custom APP name;

2) Joint our App program to customer platform;

3) Amend opening interface with cusomer company name or brand logo;

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