Step3: Structure Design Mar 15, 2021

When confirm the size and appearance, DUUHNN will start to design the inner structure. There are kinds of elements need to consider, such as:

1) Ensure the appearance cover complete and tight. The glue point should be reasonable to flow the plastic. The upper and lower parts size and slope also fit close and touch smooth. The details show DUUHNN professional craftsmanship.

2) Easy to assemble. Poor structure design will cost double human fee to assemble, and cost much high defective rate. Nobody like this kind item.

3) Intellectual property and patent. If our design can not pass the patent application, it just waste our team energy and time. We need to solve and amend till Original Design and own independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technology.

4) Certification of CE/Rohn/FCC application demands. Our products need to export so that it must be suit their local market demands.

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