SPI HEPA Air Purifier for Pet Room Household and Office

To kill covid-19 even Delta virus, DUUHNN HEPA Air Purifier is effective! It uses HEPA filter and SPI special core technology to clean polluted air and object surface. Bacterial antivirus is a necessity for a pandemic.

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    100pcs after sample
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    TT,Western Union, MoneyGram,Alipay
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  • Custom Service:

    OEM, ODM acceptable

Main Features:

* Patents and Certifications: The world first SPI purification technology, obtained patents including "Apprearance Patent", "SPI technology patent" and "SPI Mini Air Purifier Invention Patent"; got the authority testing reports, approved CMA/Rohs/FCC/CE etc. certification; What is the Advantage of SPI Air Purifier?

* Effective to kill COVID-19 and Delta virus: SPI purification technology release initiatively super high concentrations of positive and negative ions to clean the polluted air and object surface, stop covid-19 and delta spread via air and obeject surface; Why choose SPI Air Purifier When COVID-19 Spread?

* Kinds of damage air to Purificate: Coronavirus(such as H1N1,Covid-19), the formaldehyde, PM2.5, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, microbes, decompose TVOC, reduce dust haze and eliminate odors; No secondary pollution, No high replacement consumable items cost; 

* Human and Machine Coexistence safely: Ozon concentrations below the 0.01PPM which meet the international standard;And mini ozon is good for sterilization and disinfection;Our Super Plasma Generator will kill not only indoor polluted air initiatively but also the HEPA filter stranded bacterial;

* Scientific air duct 3D design: reduced energy consumption 30% meanwhile increase the rate of air circulation 50%; Advanced ABS project shell, anti-knock, drop resistance, anticorrosion, non-poisonous, high temperature resistance,minimalist and fashion design;

* Wide application: such as in pet room, drawing room, office, senior clubs etc, especially helful for the newly renovated houses or family with pet, new cars owner, pregnant women, the elderly, children, shoes cabinet etc;

Technical Parameter

Product Name

SPI Desktop HEPA Air Purifier DH-P135

Cleaning Principle

SPISuper Plasma Ion) + HEPA Filter

Positive Ion Output

10Million PCS/CM³

Negative Ion Output

12Million PCS/CM³ or more

Types of Harmful Gas

to Purifier

Coronavirus(such as H1N1,Covid-19)PM2.5, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, kill microbes, decompose TVOC, reduce dust haze and eliminate odors

Input Voltage

DC 24V 1A

Power Adaptor

100-240V 50HZ




within 0.01PPM

Air Flow Volume


Suited Room Size






Noise Level


Air Flow Mode

Sleep mode,Work mode P1,P2,P3

Control Face

Touch Screen

Work Environment

0℃ to +60℃,20%-80%RH

Product Size/Net Weight

210*356mm, cable length 1.2Meter,N.W 1.9Kg


In car, pet room,grog shop,office,hospitals,schools,halls, homes, nursing homes, hotels etc indoor space within 15M2


1*power adaptor; 1*user manual,1*Cable 1.2Meter,1*HEPA filter

Panel Display

Best Air Purifier For Pet Hair.jpg

Packing List:

SPI Desktop HEPA Air purifier x1

Power Adaptor x1

User Manual x1

HEPA Filter x1

Cable 1.2Meter x1

Package info:

Carton box size/weight: 1pcs purifier/carton box, 256*256*425mm, 2.1Kg

Container: 20''GP 800pcs; 40''Gp 1660pcs; 40''HQ 1870pcs.

Custom Service

DUUHNN accept the OEM and ODM service of our air purifier. There are kinds of customization types for your reference:
1. Custom Special Art Photos such as STONE GRAIN. Welcome to print your design custom photos.
2. Custom the National Flag to the air purifier.
3. Custom your custom name and logo brand as company gift.
4. Custom to commemorate Major Events as souvenir.

5. Custom your own private item according your target customer and application.

More photos, pls refer Customization.

Company Advantage:

DUUHNN Resource.jpg

Design team:inlcudes electronic engineers, mold engineers, graphic designers, and structural engineers, and has won several design patent awards;

R&D team: consists of bioengineers, new materials engineers, chemical engineers, application engineers, and test engineers. Won a number of patented technology awards and many well-known domestic and abroad brand partners;

Joint many universiteis together: such as Tsinghua University, Xi'an Electric University,Wuhan University,Sun Yat-Sen University etc to research and development.Has formed one complete industrial chain of research, production and marketing;

Quantity Control: Owning Test laboratory, electrical safety test laboratory, air circulation test laboratory, product aging test laboratory, etc.

Private Module and Exclusive Agent: If you can sell up to agreedment quantity per month/year(negociatable), we can support you to open private module appearance, and approve you as our esclusive agent in your local market;



Q1: What is the MOQ is your HEPA Air Purifier?

A1: Usually MOQ 100pcs after sample, there is no limitation for sample quantity. We focus on B2B,service to company or group, not B2C to private user. Pls note it.

Q2: What is your payment and business item?

A2: For sample, the payment is TT,Western Union,Moneygram,Alipay well. For mass quantity, usually TT payment. Recently we don't accept L/C yet.

We offer FOB shenzhen quotation. As to the shipment, you can appoint your cooperated, or we look for forwarders to help you arrange the shipment by DHL/UPS/Fedex air or express, or by sea well.

Q3: What is the difference of UV air purifier and your SPI HEPA air purifier?

A3: UV air purifier just clean the air which flow through purifier machine, can't kill the object surface virus. SPI HEPA air purifier will purify them both. View SPI(Super Plasma Ion)Technology Introduction.

Q4: What is The Main Air Purifier Principle Technology?

A4: Such as UV light, Ozone,Negative ion, normal Plasma ion, Super Plasma ion et. Know More details.

Q5: How to select one suitable Air Purifier?

A5: We need to consider mainly:

1) How big of your room?

2) HEPA filter quality and quantity;

3) Fan's watt and quality;

4) Purification principle is UV light, Ozone, negative generator, or Super plasma ion?

5) Used for household, office, industry, hospital, in car or others?

Q6: How to be your distributors or agents?

A6: email us info@duuhnn.com to negociate more.

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