Oxygen Concentrator Portable Oxygen Generator Machine For Home

The Oxygen Concentrator Portable device is suitable for oxygen supplementation, regardless of  life support or life extension! Oxygen Generator Machine is popular in India recently!

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Home Oxygen Concentrator Full Intelligent must be placed  vertically. The Oxygen Generator Machine must not be inverted. If the power supply voltage is unstable and exceeds 110 ±10%, please install a voltage regulator  before using. To prevent power failure or malfunction of the oxygen concentrator. Oxygen users and patients  with urgency must be equipped with other alternative oxygen supply devices (such as oxygen  cylinders, oxygen bags, etc.).

Oxygen Machine Product Features 

Oxygen Concentrator Application: The Oxygen Generator Machine is designed according to the standard of household appliances,  which can be used for home supplementation. 

Oxygen Concentrator Portable Health function: By oxygen inhalation, the body's oxygen supply can be improved to achieve  oxygen-reinforcing health care. Applicable to middle-aged and elderly people, poor physique,  pregnant women, students and other people with different degrees of physiological hypoxia, can  also eliminate fatigue after physical or mental energy consumption, restore physical function. 

Concentrator Oxygen Machine.jpg

Oxygen Concentrator Working principle 

The Concentrator Oxygen Machine is powered by AC 110V, the air is the raw material, and use the French original  imported molecular sieve. The high-purity oxygen is obtained by the Pressure Swing Adsorption  (PSA) method at normal temperature. 

Working Principle.jpg

Oxygen Cylinder For Home Functional Characteristics 

Intelligent control: LED screen, timing function, convenient to use, easy to operate. Import Oxygen Concentrator,find DUUHNN company.

Overheat protection: The pure oil-free compressor is equipped with a thermal protector. When  the working temperature of the compressor is too high, it will automatically stop working to give  better safety of the compressor and the whole machine. Negative oxygen ion: Oxygen production simultaneously releases healthy negative ions,  which can improve ventilation better and enhance oxygen absorption rate. Complementing the  oxygen-producing function, it can enhance the immunity of the body, improve brain vitality and  cardiopulmonary function, and improve the quality of sleep.

SYK-608 Exterior Structure

SYK-608 Exterior Structure.jpg

Oxygen Generator Machine Technical Parameter

Oxygen Concentrator Model number: SYK-608 

Portable Oxygen concentrator method: Pressure Swing Adsorption 

Oxygen Machine Inhaling way: Ear hook oxygen inhalation、Nasal oxygen inhalation 

Input: 130W 

Rated Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz 

Rated Current:1.2 A 

Concentration: 30%-90% (Adjustable) 

Oxygen flow: 1-5L/Min 

Oxygen pressure: 0.03-0.06L/MPa 

Carbon Dioxide: Qualified according to the prescribed method 

Carbon monoxide:Qualified according to the prescribed method

PH value: Qualified according to the prescribed method 

Shape discrimination: Colorless gas, Odorless tasteless, combustion-supporting 

Operating noise: <45dB 

Product size: 315x213x309mm 

Net weight: 6.5kg 

Electrical Classification: Ⅱclass B 

Display control: LED screen, Intelligent chip control, wireless remote control

Operation View.jpg

Concentrator Oxygen Machine Normal Operating Condition 

Ambient temperature range: 0℃~40℃ 

Relative humidity range: ≤80% 

Atmospheric pressure range: 86kps~106kpa 

When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the equipment should be placed in the normal working  environment for more than 4 hours before use.

Preparation for Oxygen-Inhalation 

* Connect the Earhook oxygen inhaler to the Oxygen Cylinder For Home machine, and align the oxygen nozzle to the  nostril (as below). 

* Connection diagram of Earhook oxygen inhaler and oxygen concentrator. 

* Wearing method of earhook oxygen inhaler and nasal oxygen inhaler.

Oxygen Machine.jpg

SYK-608 Humidification cup diagram

Portable Oxygen.jpg

Note: The humidifier can only be the original manufacturer humidifier, other models cannot be used.

Portable Oxygen Remote Control

Oxygen Cylinder For Home.jpg

Routine Maintenance 

The whole machine looks smooth and shiny, please avoid sharp scratches; Please unplug the power supply after the timer and air supply are turned off; The filter cotton behind the main machine should be replaced in time, If the filter cotton is  clogged with dirt, it will affect the oxygen production effect of this product. Note: Please do not disassemble the machine personally ,in order to avoid unnecessary  damage inside the machine, Before cleaning and maintenance, the oxygen concentrator must  be disconnected from the power supply.

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