• Step1: Demand List
    DUUHNN offer customization service from idea to mass production. Step one is to identify your demand list for us to design. A turnkey design and manufacturing is helpful for Start-ups,small and medium enterprises. You just focus on the market and promotion, don't need to cost much time in production. For the Demands List, usually include: 1) Who is our target customer? We need to analys what feature they are interested. 2) What problem we need to solve, via new design or better manufacturing technique? 3) How long to design ? 4) What is the main design and mold opening fee? 5) What is the quantity we can sell per month or quarterly? 6) When can you ship us the prototype? etc Our Program Managers (PMs) are well versed in managing resources, cost, and schedules to meet your product/program requirements. What is your idea about new electrical product? Fell free to inform us, we will pleasure to discuss with you how to make it.
  • Step2: Appearance Design
    The first sight I love it! Beautiful appearance design would make consumer fall in love and can't stop buying. For product No disign No soul. When DUUHNN design the oringal item we follow the four principles: 1) Looks beautiful 2) Must be practical 3) Experience wonderful 4) Price reasonable Join us to create one new item!
  • Step3: Structure Design
    When confirm the size and appearance, DUUHNN will start to design the inner structure. There are kinds of elements need to consider, such as: 1) Ensure the appearance cover complete and tight. The glue point should be reasonable to flow the plastic. The upper and lower parts size and slope also fit close and touch smooth. The details show DUUHNN professional craftsmanship. 2) Easy to assemble. Poor structure design will cost double human fee to assemble, and cost much high defective rate. Nobody like this kind item. 3) Intellectual property and patent. If our design can not pass the patent application, it just waste our team energy and time. We need to solve and amend till Original Design and own independent intellectual property rights and proprietary technology. 4) Certification of CE/Rohn/FCC application demands. Our products need to export so that it must be suit their local market demands.
  • Step4: PCB Design
    If your item is electric, we need to design the PCB to figure out the features you need. PCB size need to fit the product inner structure. Where to fit the screw, how to connect the cable, what space left for the port and indicator light, do we need to design dust-proof or waterproof? We need to confirm with customer step by step and move on.DUUHNN provides circuit board layout and routing services. We provide signal quality simulation and rule-based layout services, generates release packages containing circuit board fabrication artwork, and component assembly data. Good design of PCB can make our product work stable and long time. Welcome to contact us to inquire more. Schematic Diagram of DUUHNN PCB Design Workflow Part of contents of PCB Board Making Instructions: PCB Board Making Instructions PCB model (P/N): DUUHNN-313E-MB V1.0 File format and version: GERBER other: Plate type: other: Finished board thickness (mm): 1.6mm Number of layers: 4 Copper thickness of inner layer: 35um/loz other: Finished copper thickness of the outer layer: 35um/loz other: Surface treatment: Immersion gold other: Via hole solder mask processing method: Solder Mask Hole other: Solder mask: Double-sided printing Solder mask color: Green Light Character: Double-sided printing Character color: White Peelable solder mask (blue glue): Carbon oil: Finger (contact plug) chamfering: no Customer mark: No Shortcut mark (ul+logo): do not add Cycle mark: Jigsaw method: V-Cut contiguous PCB acceptance criteria: IPC-A-600G  II Jigsaw size (mm): Single board size (mm): 33*94mm Number of boards in the jigsaw: 4 Impedance control: Yes
  • Step5: Firmware and Software Design
    As technology continues to evolve, it has become an urgent requirement that modifying firmware to accommodate the ever-changing hardware environment. so programmable, repeatable writeable erasable read-only memory EPROM, EEPROM, and flash have emerged. These chips can be brushed repeatedly to allow firmware to be modified and upgraded. Firmware is the nerve center, also known as COMBO operating system, which includes many modules: drive, control, decoding, transmission, detection etc. Only under its control COMBO can work properly. At the same time, the firmware also comes with many additional functions, such as error correction technology, security burning technology, playback control technology and so on. Only a good firmware program can make the role of hardware more fully and ingeniously, and excellent firmware can also make up for some hardware defects. Software is also so important. That is so complicated to run smoothly all the time. According customer demand we use different computer language to write program. Usually most of our clients requirements are: 1) Custom APP name; 2) Joint our App program to customer platform; 3) Amend opening interface with cusomer company name or brand logo;
  • Step6: Prototype via CNC or 3D Printing
    Prototype also called hand plate or handboard. Usually new developed or designed products need to do hand plate (prototype) to verify the feasibility of the product.That is essential to find out the design problem, deficiencies, disadvantages. First design products generally can not be very perfect, or even can not be used, direct production once defective will be all scrapped, which will be a great waste of human and material resources and time. While the handboard is generally just need one or two samples, the production cycle is short,and human and material resources is small.This way will quickly find out the weekness of product design and improve at once. Via production progress, it includes: 1) Handmade handboards: its main workload is done by hand. 2) CNC handboard: its main workload is done with CNC machine tools. According to the equipment used, there are laser rapid forming (RP, Rapid Prototyping) hand plate and processing center (CNC) hand plate. Via material used, it includes: 1) Plastic hand plate 2) Silicone hand plate 3) Metal hand plate 4) Mud hand plate Via the parts used, it includes: 1) Appearance handboard: mainly to test product design, which needs beautiful appearance, accurate color, correct size etc 2) Structural handboard: mainly to identify the structural rationality,and different parts size 3) Functional handboard: to achieve the same appearance, structure and functions as real products. It can be treated as unlisted finished products, which demand is high, and difficult. The following photo is the 3D printing of air purifer appearance handboard/prototype.
  • Step7: Mold Opening and Injection
    When confirm the prototype well, our enginner will start to open the mold. For normal plastic mold it takes 4-6weeks to finish. This part will effect our product quality directly. Each details must be under control. There are some different mold types and production progress in market. Now introduce in short as below: Items Production Process Products Types Hardware mould Stamping Car body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator fin Blanking process Chimneys, iron barrels, ventilation ducts Plastic mould Plastic injection molding process mobile phone shell, keyboard, mouse Compression injection molding process Capacitor case,Lamp cap Plastic extrusion molding process Water pipes, doors and windows Plastic pressure forming process Barrels, bottles, cans, boxes
  • Step8: Trial and Mass Production
    Trial production to test our design and mold progress and find out the disadvantage. This step is also very important. Usually we will make this trial production for two or three times. That is why making one new product cost so high fee and long time. The good news is that DUUHNN company can undertake their work and offer full turnkey design and manufacturing service. We will keep report each step to you and stay full communication. Problems are many, solution are more. Schematic Diagram of Trial and Mass Production

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