Why choose SPI Air Purifier When COVID-19 Spread May 17, 2021

Why choose SPI Air Purifier When COVID-19 Spread? Or how to choose air purifier?

Firstly,how covid-19 spread from one person to another? 

Based on the World Health Oganization artical "Coronavirus disease(COVID-19):How is it transmitted?" we can know that there are some main channels:

1. Droplet transmission: The virus spreads through the respiratory tract through droplets, mainly through the cough and sneeze of the infected person in the crowd. A densely populated environment is more prone to infection. Droplets are particles of about 5 microns, the propagation distance is 1-2 meters, and the way of sedimentation.

2. Aerosol transmission: Aerosols are solid or liquid particles suspended in the air. Viruses can spread over long distances through tiny particles in the air. Aerosol particles are 0.001-100 micron particles. It has a long propagation distance and is suspended in space.

3. Direct contact transmission: mainly refers to the direct or indirect transmission of respiratory secretions, body fluids and virus-infected items through oral mucosa, nasal mucosa, conjunctiva and damaged skin.

These three methods have a common feature: it is caused by contact with suspected patients. How to spread the above channels is a key issue. Active disinfection is an effective way to effectively solve the spread of droplets and air-soluble transmission.

Secondly, how SPI Air Purifier block the spread of droplets and aerosols?

Mainly our DUUHNN air purifier kill them throught the following ways:

1. Surrounding: The disinfection machine releases a large amount of OH and positive and negative ions to surround the bacteria and viruses.

2. Sterilization and detoxification: Highly active disinfection and sterilization factors can oxidize cell proteins and kill DNA. Prevent the resurrection of bacteria and viruses.

3. Locking blocking droplets and aerosols in the air: Multi-layer filtering can effectively lock aerosols to the filter, thereby inhibiting the spread of bacteria and viruses in space.

The above three disinfection and sterilization technologies can effectively kill bacteria and block the spread of bacteria to prevent the spread of aerosols.

It is the world's first active disinfection machine with coexistence of man and machine. Compared with traditional disinfection technology, it is more efficient in blocking transmission. It releases trillions of disinfection and sterilization factors such as OH, O-, O+, and free electrons in real time, actively envelops the space of bacteria and viruses, and can effectively block bacteria in the air Survival of the virus. The most efficient solution to the spread of droplets and aerosols among the crowd. This is one of the effective and best ways to stop the spread of the epidemic virus.

Thirdly, why traditional HEPA air purifier or Ozone disinfection machine can't kill covid-19 well?

Traditional air purifiers mainly filter bacteria and virus particles in the air through HEPA, but do not kill bacteria quickly. The SPI disinfection machine is mainly based on disinfection and sterilization, but it can also lock bacteria and virus particles through multi-layer HEPA, two-pronged active sterilization + passive locking filtration.

Ozone is also known as active oxygen and super oxygen. It has strong oxidizing properties and can quickly kill bacteria and viruses. High-concentration ozone can cause great damage to the human mucosa and accelerate the aging of easily oxidized products; SPIC ionizes oxygen and water in the air through corona discharge Molecules cause electrochemical reaction to produce a large amount of O2+. O2-., H2O+, H2O-, OH-, e (self-owned electrons) and other high-activity disinfection factors, low ionization voltage does not produce by-products, suitable for human and machine coexistence Dynamic disinfection.

Fourth, can I select UV sterilizer to instead of SPI air purifier?

Ultraviolet disinfection is the use of ultraviolet light of the appropriate wavelength to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the cells of microorganisms, causing growth cell death and/or regenerative cell death. If it is greater than 90uW/cm2, the effect of sterilization and disinfection can be achieved after irradiation for more than half an hour. Ultraviolet lamps of this intensity can only be used when people are away.

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