What is the Advantage of SPI Air Purifier Apr 16, 2021

SPI(Super Plasma Ion)Technology Introduction

Non-equilibrium super plasma ion air cleaning technology is called SPI(Super Plasma Ion) in short. It is one controled plasma ion technology which use ion generator discharge the air through the high frequency AC at high voltage. So the oxygen molecules in the air take electric charge, which positive and negative ions cluster are non-equilibrium and initiate to clean the air. The generator works under low energy state. For one thing, it creates super high concentration of ions cluster. The positive ions output are over 30 million/cm3. And negative ions are over 50 million/cm3. The ozone is controlled within 0.1ppm which meet the international ozone safety standard. The two indexes are far superior to congeneric Product at home and abroad.

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The positive and negative ions will release lots of electron when meet. The oxidative decomposition of the formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene homologues and other pollution factors is over in extremely short time. And ions cluster contact with TVOC(e.g the smell of smoke)molecule and open its chemical bond, after a final series of chemical reactions to form stable harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules. Meanwhile, the positive and negative ions cluster with self-diffusion capacity and powerful activity can efficiently kill suspended bacteria in the air and flu germs, especially for coliform and staphylococcus aureus up to 95% or more. The charged ion attach to suspended particle PM2.5 which weight is ten times heavier than itself. Finally the PM2.5 drop to the floor and the air return to clean again. The SPI Air Purifier using SPI technolgoy is active to clean safely and overall.


Part of Chemical Formulas to Purifier Air


Formaldehyde Purification

1HCHO+2O= 1CO2+1H2O+2O2

Benzene Purification

CH6+5O= 6CO2+3H2O

Carbon Monoxide Purification

CO+O= CO2+O2

Ammonia Purification

3O+2NH3 = N2+3O2+3H2O


The main advantages of SPI Air Purifier

* Innovation Technology, Active purification

DUUHNN air purifier use SPI technology, which overturn totally the traditional way by filter screen to clean the air. For kinds of pollutant such as PM2.5,formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene homologues, TVOC, mould, virus, bacteria etc, our SPI way will make it drop, oxidative decomposition or kill out.

* Act actively and totally

Based on filter screen technology, this kind air purifier mainly clean the air which flowed through the equipment. That is, part of the indoor air can not be dealed with. There is still some serious corner pockets without cleaning. Our purifier release actively lots of ions to the whole place and seek for kinds of pollution to purify. No corner pocket yet!

* Purify safely and efficiently

For the sneeze droplets spread at speed 46meters per second and 90CM range, our SPI technology can kill over 78% bacteria. The activity and efficience ensure the pollutant purifyed without contacting anybody. It can guarantee the health security maximize and get rid of second ary pollution by the hazardous substance left in filter screen.

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* No consumables, convenient and economical 

Traditional filter screen need to change often and maintain now and then which cause rather high cost. DUUHNN SPI air purifier has no consumables and any maintain fee. That is more convenient and economical.

Take use of active purification principle, and import  efficient and mute fan from Japan, the electrical energy consumption is 3times better than international standard. Air duct follow scientific design principle and after thousands of times air dynamic debugging, the whole system reduced energy consumption 30% meanwhile increase the rate of air circulation 50%.

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