Disinfection Sterilization Technology Introduction May 10, 2021

Disinfection Sterilization Technology Introduction

This artical is mainly to introduce one new and innovative disinfection and sterilization using plasma technology. What is plasma sterilization? How does plasma sterilization work? What is the disadvantage of traditional UV disinfection technology and ozone disinfection technology?

There are kinds of desinfection sterilization technology in the market. Most of them belong to "Static Process Disinfection (Terminal Disinfection)" or "Dynamic Process Disinfection" . The static process disinfection is mainly performed by spraying disinfectant into the disinfection space or circulating the disinfection space air through the disinfection device. This method of disinfection is terminal disinfection after the virus is found or the person leaves. The dynamic process disinfection is mainly to input disinfection factors into the space to actively capture bacteria and viruses, which can control and kill the number of bacteria and viruses in the space in real time,which is one new and innovative disinfection technology.

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What is the main disinfection products in the market?

1. Disinfectants: Mainly 84 disinfectant water, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorous acid, etc., which are mainly irritating and have good disinfection effects, mainly disinfecting bacteria and viruses on the surface of objects. People cannot work and live in the space during disinfection.

2. Ultraviolet disinfection: Ultraviolet rays mainly kill bacteria and viruses by irradiating to inhibit bacterial DNA; the intensity of the UV lamp must be greater than 90uW/cm2, and the effect of sterilization and disinfection can be achieved after irradiation for more than half an hour. Ultraviolet lamps of this intensity can only be used when people are away. The limitation is large, the space that cannot be irradiated has no effect, and the effect is poor in the place far away from ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet radiation burns the skin and eyes, so it cannot be turned on when a person is there.

3. Ozone disinfection: high-concentration ozone has a good disinfection and sterilization effect through strong oxidation, can be quickly sterilized, and can be actively dispersed in the space, but ozone can cause damage to the human respiratory mucous membrane, dizziness, uncomfortable throat for a long time, accelerated aging and easy oxidation Items; therefore, the ozone disinfection machine personnel cannot use it in scenes where there are sophisticated instruments.

The above mentioned type and products belong to "Static Process Disinfection (Terminal Disinfection)".

4.Antibacterial HEPA filter: It can effectively adsorb bacteria and viruses attached to particles, and kill cells and viruses through the bactericidal factor on the filter. The lifespan is short and the effect is not lasting. Professional-grade disinfection products are not suitable for this technology.

5. Normal Plasma: It has a certain inhibitory effect on bacteria. Due to the small amount of ions, only about 3 million, it has a certain deodorizing effect and low sterilization rate. It is mainly used in clean odor and sterilization products. How Does Plasma Sterilization Work?

6. Super Plasma Ion: The professional super plasma generator releases trillions of high-concentration O2+. O2-., H2O+, H2O-, OH-, e (self-owned electrons) and other high-activity disinfection factors, which actively diffuse in the air and can Quickly capture bacteria, viruses, etc., use strong electrical energy to seize the electronic structure of the cell, destroy the cell wall and cell protein, and the released OH bactericidal factor kills the DNA of the bacterial virus and inactivates the cell nucleus. Active disinfection, and can coexist with man and machine. It is the most advanced disinfection sterilization technology for man-machine coexistence at present. What is SPI(Super Plasma Ion)Technology?  

The type 4 to 6 belong to "Dynamic Process Disinfection". 

According Professional papers written by Klämpfl "Cold Atmospheric Air Plasma Sterilization against Spores and Other Microorganisms of Clinical Interest" we can know it clear that the plasma sterilization technology is effective for disinfection and sterilization.

Where to buy the plasma sterilization machine?

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