• Why choose SPI Air Purifier When COVID-19 Spread May 17, 2021
    Why choose SPI Air Purifier When COVID-19 Spread? Or how to choose air purifier?Firstly,how covid-19 spread from one person to another? Based on the World Health Oganization artical "Coronavirus disease(COVID-19):How is it transmitted?" we can know that there are some main channels:1. Droplet transmission: The virus spreads through the respiratory tract through droplets, m...
  • What is the Advantage of SPI Air Purifier Apr 16, 2021
    SPI(Super Plasma Ion)Technology IntroductionNon-equilibrium super plasma ion air cleaning technology is called SPI(Super Plasma Ion) in short. It is one controled plasma ion technology which use ion generator discharge the air through the high frequency AC at high voltage. So the oxygen molecules in the air take electric charge, which positive and negative ions cluster are non-equilibrium and init...
  • Disinfection Sterilization Technology Introduction May 10, 2021
    Disinfection Sterilization Technology IntroductionThis artical is mainly to introduce one new and innovative disinfection and sterilization using plasma technology. What is plasma sterilization? How does plasma sterilization work? What is the disadvantage of traditional UV disinfection technology and ozone disinfection technology?There are kinds of desinfection sterilization technology i...
  • What is the Main Harmful Air in Our Daily Life? Jun 16, 2021
    As we know, Air refers to the mixed gas in the earth's atmosphere, which is mainly composed of nitrogen, oxygen, rare gases, carbon dioxide, and other substances (such as water vapor, impurities, etc). With the development of modern industry, harmful gases and smoke emitted into the air have changed the composition of the air and caused air pollution. Polluted air will seriously dama...
  • What is The Main Air Purifier Principle Technology? Jul 19, 2021
    There are some different air purifier and disinfection work principle.Distinguish by “Man-machine symbiosis”:1)Unfit together. Usually the Ozone Generator technology will use when nobody nearby.  According to international standards, it can cause discomfort such as thirsty when it reaches 0.5-1ppm; it can cause cough when it reaches 1-4ppm; It can cause a strong cough when it reaches 4-10ppm ...

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