3L Home Use Ozone Sterilizer Cleaner for Pets Vegetable Fruit

The 3L Home Use Ozone Sterilizer Cleaner Machine is a product designed for household water sterilization and disinfection, which helpful to purifer the pets,W.C,Fruit and Vegetable.

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Product introduction

The 3L Home Use Ozone Sterilizer is a product designed and developed for household water and cleaning water. Oxidizing substances and silver ions are dissolved in the injected tap water, and the tap water is processed by high-tech nanotechnology, ultraviolet sterilization technology, and magnetization technology. After a series of treatments, the treated tap water can not only wash clothes but also has the functions of sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, and softening.

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Principle of Ozone Sterilization

Ozone is a strong oxidant. The sterilization process is a biochemical oxidation reaction. O3 sterilization has the following three forms.

(1) Ozone can oxidize and decompose the enzymes needed for glucose in bacteria, and inactivate bacteria to death.

(2) Directly interact with bacteria and viruses to destroy their organelles, DNA and RNA. The metabolism of cells is destroyed,

Causes the death of bacteria.

(3) Through the cell membrane tissue, invade into the cell, and act on the protein of the outer membrane and the lipopolysaccharide inside, causing the bacteria to develop Permeability distortion and dissolution death.

How 3L Home Use Ozone Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer?

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2HCH0+2O3=2C02+2 H20+O2

Ozone sterilization is a bacteriolytic method, and the sterilization is complete without residue. Bactericidal broad-spectrum, can kill bacterial propagules and spores, disease Poisons, fungi, etc., and can destroy endotoxin. Ozone has a strong killing effect on molds.

The sterilization and disinfection effect is reflected in its strong oxidizing property, and it is a globally recognized green, broad-spectrum and efficient disinfectant. Ozone water is a kind of water with bactericidal effect and various trace elements. It can effectively kill tuberculosis, coliform, gonorrhea, typhoid and other viruses in water, and it is a popular high-quality drinking water in the world.

Ozone Generator Sterilize Product Usage:

1) Wash your hands using ozone to sterilize:  sterilize your hands and remove odors, prevent cross-infection and spread of bacteria and viruses through hands.

2) Wash clothes: the sterilization rate of clothes used with the washing machine is as high as 99.6%, and it can keep the clothes bright in color, increase the service life of the clothes, and make the washed clothes fluffy and soft.

3) Washing fruits and vegetables : remove more than 95% of pesticide residues, fully degrade toxic substances in food, and make us eat more assured and healthy.

4) Flushing toilets and mopping the floor. It can not only sterilize the floor, disinfect and remove odors, but also completely kill bacteria and microorganisms such as mold, dust mites, and hidden insects in the corners of the floor.

5) Avoid allergic reactions caused by detergents: Generally, detergents cannot be completely cleaned during the cleaning process. These residues will gradually accumulate and cause skin allergies. The use of this product can reduce the amount of detergent in the washing process, not only will there be no detergent residue, but also can remove the detergent residue on the clothes, thereby protecting the human skin from the harm of detergent.

6) Pet cleaning: sterilization and disinfection during pet cleaning, remove pet odor, and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

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Technical Parameter

The Portable O3 PURE Fruit Vegetable Washer and Ozone Generator

Product Name

3L Home Use Ozone Sterilizer



Water Flow


Active oxygen water concentration


Ozone level in cold water


Applicable water pressure


Applicable water temperature


Input voltage


Rated power


Power Adaptor

AC100~240V 50/60 Hz

Outlet pipe to connect

1/2’’ Inner diameter standard outlet pipe

Item Size


Item Net Weight



For home,school,pet store, hospital etc public places

The Portable O3 PURE Fruit Vegetable Washer and Ozone Generator.jpg

How to install the equipment?

It is designed to hang it on the wall. For each product, we provide similar accessories: such as wall-mounted metal plate screws, screwdrivers, and nail-free glue on smooth surfaces such as tile metal.

How to connect to the pipeline to get oxygenated water?

Connect the water inlet of the appliance to the water supply faucet with a water supply hose.

Connect the water outlet with other hoses for different application terminals.

What is the technology advantage?

1) Low-pressure active oxygen generation technology: The new type of titanium gold nano-stone material is used to block the discharge, so that oxygen molecules in the air are excited by the electrons generated by the high-density current at the anode interface to obtain energy and polymerize into active oxygen molecules. Compared with the conventional glow method active oxygen preparation method, the active oxygen gas produced by the low-pressure active oxygen generation technology has high concentration, high purity, high efficiency, impact resistance, long life, and strong adaptability to environmental humidity.

2) Water-gas self-mixing technology: The newly designed miniature three-way jet tube can use the pressure of the water flow to inhale and fully mix the high-purity active oxygen produced by the active oxygen generator into the water flow. Generate active oxygen water with stable active oxygen solubility.

3) Intelligent automatic work:

When the water inlet valve (or faucet) is opened, the product will run automatically. When the water inlet valve (or faucet) is closed, the product stops running and enters the standby state.

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